Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your farm located?

Our farm is located in Erin, Ontario - about 25 minutes from downtown Guelph. We farm 5 acres of organic land on a historic 100-acre farm.

What does "organic" mean?

To us, "organic" means quality and care.  We use organic seeds and growing methods so we can cultivate higher quality, healthier crops.  We use high-quality inputs (such as compost and natural fertilizers), integrated pest and disease management strategies, and innovative growing methods and technologies. This helps us grow the best tasting produce without having to compromise the health of our products by using pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.  So your food is grown sustainably, with care not only for quality and taste, but also for the environment and the next generation of consumers and producers.

Are you a certified organic farm?

No, we are not currently certified organic. We take organic standards very seriously and we comply with the standards set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. However, after a year under certification with Ecocert Canada in 2015-2016, we decided not to renew our organic certification. We do believe that the best way to know how your food is grown is to "know your farmer." Please let us know if you have a question about our growing methods - we're happy to share more information about how we grow organically and why.

Where can I buy your produce?

We run an 18-week Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program from mid-June through October with pick-up locations in Waterdown, Dundas and downtown Hamilton. In 2017, we'll be expanding to include pick up locations in Erin and Milton. You can also find us from June through October at local farmers' markets (for more information please visit our Farmers’ Market page). Our produce is also available at Harrington Lane Village Shop - a great place to get delicious local meat, produce, eggs, dairy, preserves and baked goods.

In the 2014 and 2015 seasons we grew food for FoodShare Hamilton, which supplies emergency food providers throughout the City of Hamilton. Our relationship with FoodShare is part of our mission to provide healthy, sustainably-grown food for healthier families and communities.

Do you take wholesale orders?

During the season, we provide a limited amount wholesale options for local businesses, restaurants and nonprofits. For more information on wholesale orders, please visit our Wholesale page.

We also try to accommodate special orders for CSA members and customers who would like to order larger quantities (for events, canning, juicing, storage, etc.). For more information, please contact Kate at or simply approach us at a local farmers' market.

Do you have a CSA program?

Yes, we have a 18-week CSA program that runs from June to October. Sign up for our 2017 CSA program will begin in late February. If you are interested in purchasing a membership, check out our CSA page

If our 2017 CSA has sold out, you're welcome to join our waitlist.  We will contact you if/when a membership becomes available. To join the waitlist, please contact Kate at

How do I sign-up for a CSA share?

CSA shares can be purchased online or by cheque. Please visit our CSA page for more information.

Do you hire interns or field workers?

Yes, in 2017 we are planning to hire two staff members to help us with planting and harvesting. Part of our mission as a sustainable business is to help mentor a new generation of farmers. Applicants must have previous experience in organic farming and be enterprising self-starters. We think farm work is hard work - work for which you should be compensated. So all full-time staff are paid accordingly. Résumés can be sent to Kate and Jon at

We currently do not have living accommodations at the farm so if you do apply, please be mindful that you will have to commute to the farm in Erin.

Volunteers are also welcome to join us on occasion. If you are looking to learn, stretch yourself, and work hard to plant and harvest, you're welcome to get in touch and discuss volunteer options with us. Contact us at

Can I visit the farm?

We welcome visits, tours and volunteer days at the farm. However, we strongly encourage all visitors to set a time and date with us before stopping by. Most days at the farm are incredibly busy.  So while we'd love to have people drop in, it's best if you let us know you're coming. (And be prepared to get some weeding done!)