Kate and Jon's Wedding Registry

Hello, friends and family!

Hello, friends and family!

As you know, Jon and I are weirdos. We're organic farmers and sustainability professionals.

This is why, in part, we live in a 600 square foot apartment - which is cozy and lovely, but definitely not big enough to store a fondue set, a bread maker, and three different kinds of wine glasses.

So when it was suggested that we put a wedding registry together, we felt a bit conflicted.

We're exceptionally lucky to have wonderful, thoughtful people in our lives who want to help us start our married life in comfort and style but we don't need more stuff.

It's not that we don't love stuff.

We love stuff.

But we realize that we don't really need more stuff.

Instead, we'd like you to consider three options to help us celebrate our wedding.

1. Help us save for a well-lived life together.

Jon and I are making some big moves in the next year. We're going to be relocating the farm to a more permanent location. We're going to add thousands of bees, dozens of chickens and a farm dog to the list of things we care for. We're going to finally replace all of the rain boots with holes in them! And in the midst of this, we're going to try to take a couple of days off to recoup and recover (a "honeymoon" of sorts).

The most helpful gift we can get is cash. Rude to say but totally truthful. We will think of you fondly when we replace said rain boots.

2. Donate to Housing Works

Jon and I are getting married at the beautiful Housing Works Bookstore in Soho. Housing Works is a wonderful non-profit that does important work with people living with HIV/AIDS in New York. It would a wonderful wedding gift to make a donation to Housing Works in our name. Click here to donate.

3. Come to our wedding and enjoy yourselves. Your presence is present enough.

We know that New York City has an amazing array of wonderful experiences to discover and enjoy. We also know that New York is expensive. These wonderful experiences cost money.

Use the money that you would have spent on that fondue set on a having a great weekend in NYC. Treat yourself to a great dinner out and think of us fondly. We hope you don't skip desert.

We're so excited for you to join us on October 8th! Come ready to party.

Best wishes,

Kate and Jon