It's happening.

I'm not going to lie. I was worried. We both were.

Perhaps you could sense it in our last blog post. Or perhaps you ascertained our anxiety from the conversations we've had over the last few months - the ones in which Jon and I laughed uneasily as we tried to explain what it's like to build a successful small farm and then pick it up and move it an hour away to a new location - without ready access to electricity or water, in a completely new town, and with a limited budget.

Perhaps you thought - much like us - how are they going to do it?

Well, it's April and I am happy to say:

It's happening.

It's actually really coming together.

While the To Do list remains long and planting season is just around the corner, we are on schedule. The well has been dug. The tractors and implements are geared up and ready to go. We have a full planting and field maintenance plan that means we'll be able to work smarter and leaner on the field. The shipping container that we'll turn into a wash station and refrigerator is on track to be completed by mid-May. And CSA sign-up is underway.

About a year ago, this didn't feel possible. But the last four seasons have taught me that there is rarely a clear path when you're doing Big Scary Exciting Things. Instead of hoping that the road will show itself, it's best to rely on your own skills to navigate.

In starting a farm with my best friend and partner, I've not only learned to believe in my skills but that of my husband too. It's not easy growing up and growing a business together - there have been some ugly moments (like Kim Khardashian cry-face moments) but watching Jon grow and excel at a meaningful job has been one of the most surprising and rewarding parts. Together, we get to co-create a community-based business and grow alongside it. Also, we get to eat some really spectacular food and bring our dog to work.

While the building on the new farm is hardly done and there are many many busy days ahead, I am looking forward to it. We'll continue to share updates as we continue with The Big Move (and pray to the gods of construction that we stay sane, healthy and on schedule). So stay tuned (and remember, we can use all of the support we can get so sign up for the CSA program if you're intending to and haven't already)!

Rosie approves.

Rosie approves.

#DiscoverHamOnt Podcast

A few weeks ago I sat down the lovely Brian Hogg of the #DiscoverHamOnt podcast to discuss the joys and challenges of running a farm in the wonderful city of Hamilton. It was a lot of fun and the result is an intimate look at the journey into our second season at Honest Field Farms.

Highlights include: 

  • A candid look at what it takes to run a farm 365 days a year
  • Our plans and dreams for the future (what if a local farm could provide your whole diet?)
  • Kate gushing about our amazing customers, CSA members, supporters, and the great city of Hamilton

Click here to listen!